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Holloway Hall

Meet Our Students: Amy Rada

Amy Rada

Hometown:  Jarrettsville, Maryland
Major:  Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology
Class Status: Senior

On campus at the Pergola


Salisbury offers a variety of different classes, all of which are challenging but doable.  Every year it seems like your class sizes shrink, which is nice because you really get to know the people in your major.  Even the classes outside your major are not overwhelming, and are approximately the size of your average high school class.  One of the things I like about SU is the professors are really nice and many even give you their home phone number.  You are not just pushed off to the side like you most likely would be in a large classroom setting.  They want to see you succeed and will do everything in their power to help you.

How are you involved on/off campus?

One of the nicest aspects of SU is that you can easily get involved right away.  I served first as secretary and now am currently the vice-president of the Geographic Society.  You can get involved with any club even if it does not pertain to your major.  I love to travel and the Geographic Society gave me the opportunity.  For example, the past two years we have gone to Death Valley, California and Puerto Rico over spring break.  Not only do we go on trips but we do various activities such as Earth Day, homecoming, Fun Day, and Relay for Life.  SU offers over one hundred different clubs and activities for you to get involved in and it is definitely a great way to meet new friends!  I am also a University Host and I love being able to meet and show prospective students around campus.

The Dining Hall

The food here is really good!  I am a member of the food committee in which we inform the staff of dining services what dishes we liked and what dishes we do not like.  They are always willing to add or change an item on the menu.  Theme nights are the best and include themes such as, lobster and steak, strawberry fest and make-your-own pizza nights.  Lots of my friends have come to visit from various colleges and they always tell me how lucky I am that the food is excellent and they wish their schools had such a large selection.

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