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Holloway Hall

Meet Our Students: Alex Williams

Hometown:  Hurlock, Maryland
Major:  English
Minor: Business and Professional Writing, Marketing, Business 4+1 Program
Class Status: Junior

Why did you pick SU?

Choosing SU was a really easy choice for me.  I attended the Maryland Summer Centre for the Arts for five years prior to becoming a freshman on campus, and I immediately knew Salisbury was the school for me.  My brother and sister both went out-of-state and I did not really like the idea of being six hours away, even though it really isn’t that far.  Even though I knew I wanted to attend Salisbury for a long time, the size of the school was definitely my biggest draw.  I always tell people on my tours that Salisbury is big enough to constantly meet new people, but it is also small enough that there isn’t a day you walk on campus without running into at least ten students/professors that you know.  Picking Salisbury was an easy choice and one I know I’ll never regret.

Residence Life at SU

Residence Life at SU is by far, in my eyes at least, one of the best aspects of the school.  Living on campus is the greatest experience that I have ever had in my life.  In fact, I had such a fantastic experience my first year that I opted to join the SU Residence Life team during my sophomore year as a Resident Assistant in Severn Hall.  It was amazing to be a part of a group of individuals in place to help freshmen students facilitate themselves into college life as well as provide community building programs to bring the residence halls together.  The atmosphere in each building on campus is an entity of its own, and the pride of buildings is seen in the biggest event the campus holds each year, Spring Olympics.  A lot of students from my high school came to Salisbury as well, but I was only one of a few who opted to live on campus.  Making that decision was one of the top that I’ve made in my academic career, not only resume wise, but on a personal level, knowing that I actually did have a positive impact on other students.

SU in 3 words

Commitment – While SU is committed to its students on every level possible, the professors of the university are the ones who really epitomize this word.  I always say on my tours that “at Salisbury you’re not just a number.”  Sometimes people roll their eyes because I know they’ve probably been on a bunch of tours at numerous other schools and they are just tired of hearing that line.  However, it’s really nice to be able to back that point up, stopping the rolling eyes, with too many examples to mention.  Professors here are genuinely interested in the achievement of their students, and do anything in their power to help a student succeed.  I’ve never waited more than half a day for a response to a question in an email, and while I’ve never actually utilized the next point, almost 75% of my professors have listed either their home phone or cell phone number on their course syllabus.  The professors are there, are willing to help, and are 110% committed to the students of the university.

Experience – This is an extremely broad word to use, but that’s the purpose.  Whether it’s a study abroad program, a campus job, a weekend get-a-way, or most importantly for students, an internship, Salisbury is here to offer it all.  With organizations like the SGA and SOAP planning fun events both on and off campus, and campus services such as Career Services helping students plan their post-graduation life, experience is key at the university.  College is about exploration and I know that most people would agree when I say Salisbury is the place to do it.

Real – What you see at SU is really what you get.  While campus tours do take you around construction so as not to dissuade you of the campus’ true beauty, the campus is small enough that you can’t really miss the new facilities and renovations occurring.  The campus is advancing and growing to cater to an increasing student population.  It really does only take seven minutes to walk from one side of campus to the other, the satellite dining services really are god-sends in that ten-minute slot between classes, and the masses of students playing Frisbee, football, soccer, or simply laying out, hanging out with friends are actually real college students, living the college dream of a life balanced with both intense courses and pretty intense fun.  Salisbury really is a phenomenal place to live and grow as a college student and I know that as long as I live, it will be a decision that I will never ever regret. 

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