Undergraduate Cost of Attendance (fall/spring)

There are two types of costs considered in the financial aid process: direct costs and indirect expenses. Together these costs represent the official cost of attendance (student budget).

Direct costs are those funds which are charged directly to your student account and payable to the university. They always include tuition and fees. They will also include room and board if you are living on campus and purchasing a meal plan. Please note your eBill will be sent to your SU email account. Questions regarding your itemized statement should be directed to the Cashier's Office.

Indirect expenses vary per student and are not included in your bill. These include books/supplies, transportation and personal expenses.

The figures below are ESTIMATED 2014-2015 costs per year for fulltime (12 credits per semester), on-campus, undergraduate students.

  Maryland Residents Out-of-State
Tuition and Fees 8,622 16,968
Room* 6,150 6,150
Board** 4,470 4,470
Direct Costs $19,242 $27,588


Personal/Trans. Exp 2,638 2,638
Books and Supplies 1,300 1,300
Indirect Expenses $3,938 $3,938


Total Cost of

expenses + Direct Costs)
$23,180 $31,526

*Based on Double Occupancy
**Based on the "
A" Meal Plan

Financial aid for undergraduate students is packaged under the assumption that a student is attending full-time (12 credits per semester). A student who is attending less than 12 credits per semester will have a lower cost of attendance and will be eligible for less financial aid than a full-time student. An audit of enrollment and financial aid will be performed each semester at the end of the drop/add period to insure the amount of aid received coincides with the number of credits enrolled in for the semester. If you already know your attendance will be different than 12 credits per semester, please complete the Course Load Change form and return it to the financial aid office. We will adjust your aid offer to your intended enrollment status.

* * *