Financial Aid
Holloway Hall
Conditions for Receiving Aid

Receiving a Financial Aid Notification does not always mean that your application is complete or that your aid package is not subject to change. Check your online “To Do List” regularly to see what you may need to do to complete your application and/or ensure you receive the aid for which you are eligible.

To View Your To-Do List
Log on to the

A successful Log On will open the SA Self Service menu. Follow these “breadcrumbs” to access your To Do List.

Self Service>Campus Personal Information>To Do List

Verification -2013-2014
The U.S. Department of Education selects approximately thirty percent of all applications for verification and notifies students by placing a message on their Student Aid Reports (SAR). If your application has been chosen for the verification process, you must provide SU with the items requested in your "To Do" list.

If the verification process results in changes to your application, corrections will be sent to the federal processor. Once it is reprocessed results will be sent to our office. If the amount or type of aid changes, you will receive a Revised Financial Aid Notification. We cannot finalize your aid until the verification process is complete.

You are not permitted to receive federal/state financial aid at two different institutions simultaneously.