Financial Aid
Holloway Hall

Billing Information

Generally, you will receive one half of your financial aid funds (except Federal Work-Study) each semester. If you are pre-registered and your aid has been finalized, it may be reflected on your account once the semester bill is generated.

Your bill will include basic tuition and fees for a semester. If you will be living on-campus, your bill will also include room and board charges:

For more information on “Expenses” please contact our Cashier’s Office at 410-543-6060 or visit the
Cashier's Office website.

When to Expect Your Bill
You will receive separate bills from the university for the fall and spring semesters.

Once you pre-register for a semester, the Cashier’s Office will send you a bill notification and provide you with a due date by which you must pay.

Students who pre-register will receive bills for the fall semester in early July.

Students who pre-register for the spring semester will receive a bill notification in December.

You may view your bill on-line through your
GullNet account by following these "bread crumbs"

Self Service>Campus Finances>Account Inquiry

How to Pay Your Bill
The Cashier’s Office will provide specific instructions for payment and due date. Follow these instructions carefully, as failure to handle your bill payment properly may result in the cancellation of your class schedule.

The Cashier’s Office offers several bill payment plans. Instead of paying the balance of semester charges in a lump sum, students and families can spread interest-free monthly payments over a semester.

If your aid does not cover your bill, you must pay the balance or enroll in a Payment Plan by the due date; for further information contact the Cashier’s Office at 410-543-6060 or visit the
Cashier's Office website.

If your aid covers all of your semester charges and you are not planning to attend the upcoming semester, you need to notify the Registrar’s Office before the bill due date to cancel your classes. If you fail to do this you may be responsible for all semester charges.

Credit Balances and Refund Checks
You have a credit balance whenever your account has an overpayment, either because your semester aid exceeds your charges or you receive aid after you have paid your bill.

You will receive any credit balance in a refund check to use for books and day-to-day out of pocket educational expenses. The Cashier’s Office begins to disburse refund checks for credit balances no earlier than the first day of school. If you receive a late aid offer or respond in an untimely manner, you may not receive a refund check for at least three weeks after the creation of the credit balance. If you receive a revised aid offer, you may also experience a delay in receiving a refund check.

You still must return your bill, by the due date, even though you have a credit balance. Failure to respond to your bill properly will result in the cancellation of your class schedule.