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Additional Tutoring Services

Peer tutoring is a research-backed academic support service that has been a part of American Education for centuries. Peer tutors are selected based on past academic achievement and faculty recommendations. Tutors meet one-on-one or in small groups with students to help them grasp fundamental concepts, work through practice problems, and develop a further understanding of the course content. Tutoring helps students develop independent learning strategies that can be used throughout their college experience and as they progress through life.

You do not have to make an appointment to meet with a tutor.* Simply check the schedule (link found in “Resources” section) to be sure a tutor will be in the CSA at the time you plan to come in.

*Unless you need tutoring for the Praxis I test. If so, please call the CSA at 410-677-4865 to schedule an appointment.

What Tutee's Say...

“The tutor was very specific. He made sure he clearly explained everything in a clear and concise manner.”

-          Fall 2013 Tutee

“Coming to tutoring was great! I was able to gain confidence and learn to like a subject that I hated before coming to tutoring.”

-          Fall 2013 Tutee

“Tutoring saved my grades and encouraged me to keep trying!”

-          Fall 2013 Tutee

“The tutor gave great advice and new ways to approach problems”

-          Spring 2014 Tutee

“The tutor knew exactly how to do the problems and techniques to finding out how to solve application questions as well. Also, the tutor gave me helpful advice for taking exams.”

-          Spring 2014 Tutee

Program Highlights

  • 2013-2014 Academic Year
    • There were over 1,500 visits to the CSA for various tutoring sessions!
    • 92% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that the tutoring sessions were helpful to them as students.
    • 94% of tutoring participants surveyed would recommend that other students attend similar tutoring sessions.
    • The average tutor GPA was a 3.62 for the Fall 2014 semester!!!

Program Staff

Kevin Knudsen, Graduate Assistant & Tutoring Coordinator

Contact Kevin with questions at or call the CSA at 410-677-4865