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Center for Student Achievement - TRIO
Holloway Hall


The primary role of the TRiO-ACHiEVE SSS’ Peer Mentor Program is to support TRiO students at Salisbury University by connecting them with Mentors who can help connect them to the broader campus community and resources.  TRiO Mentors are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities: 


  • Act as a positive role model guiding the mentee(s) through interaction, by demonstrating responsibility, and respect for others’ rights, feelings, lifestyles, and diverse backgrounds.

  • Attend all required training and workshops to enhance mentoring skills.

  • Submit weekly mentoring log to document contact hours.
    Conduct monthly updates with mentee, and exchange information pertinent to the mentee’s professional and academic goals.

  • Use technology on a weekly basis to communicate with mentees through
    portals such as Twitter, Facebook or email.

  • Refer mentees to appropriate SU/community related resources as needed.

  • Maintain a professional demeanor and optimistic attitude, which includes, but is not limited to, being on time; dressing appropriately; meeting deadlines; managing personal/professional time; using appropriate language and humor.


Selection Criteria:
Sophomore, Junior or Senior with a 3.0 or higher
Interview with project director
Two or more references from faculty, former supervisors, or counselors.
One year mentoring experience