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Scholar Holler

Each month the Center for Student Achievement recognizes an outstanding student for academic excellence. The student is highlighted on our website, in the CSA, and in the Flyer student newspaper as a way to encourage other students to achieve their academic potential.

Faculty and staff are invited to nominate students for Scholar Holler. The nomination form should describe the student's academic accomplishments.

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 Scholar Holler Winners!!! 

May 2018 - Nelcy Denice Avila

Nelcy Avila May 2018 Scholar Holler Winner

Major: Spanish Secondary Education & International Studies

Hometown: Waldorf, MD

Words of Wisdom: "Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can do what others can't." -Jerry Rice

Dr. Cook: “Nelcy exhibits a tenacious, voracious tendency for learning, remaining pliable and teachable in and out of the classroom. I watched her grow throughout the semester by problem solving different technology tools to meet the needs of the students in her future classes. She is the first to ask for help and wants to get it right every time. She leads by example and assists any other student who needs help. She is the epitome of what a professor wants to see in a student."

Dr. Pubill: "Nelcy is a top 'A' student, always involved in the department, the school, and the university. She volunteered to help with Admitted Students Day on April 7, 2018; organized events for the Sigma Delta Phi, Spanish Honor Society for the Department of Modern Languages to provide activities to use the Spanish language for students, April 2018; presented Mock Teaching Demonstration for my Modern Foreign Languages Department of Salisbury University, March 24, 2018; active participant in the Cultural Laureate Program to enhance Educational Experience and Expand Awareness of the Arts, Spring 2017; participated in the 15th Annual Early Childhood Conference "Building Better Brains", Spring 2017 and more."

April 2018 - Brendan Wille

Brendan Wille April 2018 Scholar Holler Winner 

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Hometown: Bel Air, MD

Words of Wisdom: Maintain a consistent, positive attitude and valiant effort throughout every assignment in each one of your classes during the semester.

Dr. Carter: “Brendan was in my Microbiology course in Fall 2017 where he excelled during the entire semester. His ability to synthesize the entire semester's course information was remarkable. He joined my research lab during the Spring 2018 semester where he has also excelled in studying bacterial genetics and metabolism. Brendan's capacity for understanding and information synthesis has continued to be evident, as he requires minimal instruction while generating the highest quality data. He is regularly prepared to accurately answer questions regarding the implications of his results, highlighting his genuine understanding of previous course material. In the past two months, Brendan has also won two different funding awards while maintaining the same level of high performance in his classes. Applications for the awards included proposals that required written evidence of his cumulative knowledge of material from various courses. While his proposals required repeated iterations, corrections on his proposals were limited to improving formatting and proper use of proposal conventions. At no point did he and I need to address his scientific understanding of the content of the proposals."

March 2018 - Kelly Surkovich

Kelly Surkovich March 2018 Scholar Holler Winner

Major: Management & Marketing

Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Words of Wisdom: "You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it." -Ain Eineziz

Whenever I feel like things are not going well, I think of this quote to motivate me to keep going and that I can handle anything thrown in my way. Keep chasing your dreams, think positively, and stay strong!

Dr. Follmer: “Kelly is an exceptionally bright student. In my classroom, Kelly is punctual and reliable. Even more, she is consistently engaged in the course discussions and is willing to share her ideas with others in the class. She provides unique perspectives on course concepts and is able to think critically about the importance of the content. It is clear that Kelly exerts time and effort to review course concepts and she is frequently able to draw connections across course topics. This semester, Kelly has been the top-scorer on both exams in my class, further demonstrating her commitment to academic excellence. Kelly not only strives to perform well but is also genuinely interested in strengthening her academic and professional skillset. Beyond being a good student, Kelly is also an exceptional citizen. She is friendly, polite, and enthusiastic about learning. Kelly is a joy to teach and I am delighted to have her in my class - comments that have also been echoed by other faculty in our department. Taken together, Kelly is a star performer across classes and is a wonderful role model to other students."

February 2018 - Diamond Brown

Diamond Brown - February 2018 Scholar Holler Winner

Major: Sociology

Hometown: District Heights, MD

Words of Wisdom: "Yes" is a very powerful word. Try saying "yes" to new opportunities that come your way. You'd be surprised by the doors that open, the experiences you'll have, and how much you'll change and grow as a person.

Dr. Illig: “Diamond is an exceptional student whose influence is vast. In spring 2017, Diamond worked closely with Dr. Illig to create a 4-hour workshop 'Building Racial/Ethnic Justice - Community Engagement' which was delivered at the March meeting of the Delaware Conference of Methodist Ministers. Last summer she completed the two-day Safe Spaces Train-the-Trainer workshop and has co-facilitated at least 5 workshops across Maryland. Diamond, along with Becca Peffer, a psychology student, and Drs. Illig and Schlehofer, presented a workshop on 'Adulting as a Trans/Gender Nonconforming Person' at the Gender Conference East in New Jersey in November 2017. Diamond has also represented the sociology department at Open Houses, Admitted Students Day, and Scholars Day; she served on a student panel at the Fall for Fulton Day as well. As the Teaching Assistant for the sociology research methods course last fall, Diamond far exceeded expectations by creating her own exercises and mini-data set for practicing in SPSS. She also made herself available to students far beyond her scheduled office hours and was often working throughout the weekend with students to help them succeed. Diamond is currently on the Academic Affairs Committee, Legislative Branch of our Student Government Association. She is a research assistant for Drs. Diane Illig, Sociology, and Michele Schlehofer, Psychology, on two projects regarding LGBT issues. She is also doing an internship for the sociology department that is a combination of research and marketing development. Finally, Diamond has been a student worker in the President's office for the past two years."

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Past Recipients

November 2017 - Storm Galloway
October 2017 - Arthur Lembo
September 2017 - Danielle Amanda Walker
April 2017 - Nicholas Anthony Carlini
March 2017 - Juliet Vapsva
February 2017 - Kristy Trojan
November 2016 - Brittany Bursa
October 2016 - Aaron Wall
September 2016 - Megan Newcomer
April 2016 - Nicholas Carlini
March 2016 - Katherine Potvin
February 2016 - Aaron Wilson
December 2015 - Christy Bertolaccini
November 2015 - Alex Potocko
October 2015 - John Talbot
September 2015 - Megan Mahedy
May 2015 - Zach Grogan & Rachel Lisk
April 2015 - Kirsten Hawkins
March 2015 - Andrea Korell
February 2015 - Maryam Aboul-Enein

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