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Supplemental Instruction: Ask, Learn, Succeed


Registering for classes? Look for -5XX section numbers that denote SI support!

Spring SI Sessions will begin February 2, 2015!

Awards & Certifications
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Designed by researchers at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, SI is a peer academic enhancement program used by hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the world. Students who have performed well in historically difficult courses are nominated to be SI leaders by their faculty members.  SI leaders are then paired with an instructor, attend all class sessions, and facilitate three hours of study sessions each week, open to all enrolled students. SI offers weekly structured study sessions where students can:
ASK questions, discuss, and practice  content
 LEARN strategies and skills to study
 SUCCEED: Participants often earn higher grades

Denoted by -5XX section numbers, SI supports many General Education courses including Accounting, Math, Health and Exercise Science, and Chemistry.

What SI Participants Say...

"SI forces me to study and keep up with the material."
        -Fall 2014 Participant

"SI forces me to ask questions and gives me a better understanding of the concepts we learn in class."
        -Fall 2014 Participant

"My study habits improved which eventually led to my grades improving as well."
        -Spring 2014 Participant

"SI provides a different view point on material which can sometimes make it easier for a student to understand if it is coming from another student."
        -Spring 2014 Participant

Check out our SI video to hear testimonials of SU students!

Program Highlights

  • Fall 2014
    • 52% of all students enrolled in SI courses (1,577 students)  attended SI sessions for a total of 10,888 visits.
    • The mean final course grade of SI participants was 2.49 compared to 2.34 of students not attending SI.
    • The average cumulative GPA of SI leaders was a 3.6 for the fall semester!
  • Spring 2014
    • 51% of all students enrolled in SI courses (1,284 students) attended sessions.
    • Students visited SI sessions over 7,690 times throughout the semester.
    • The mean final course grade of SI participants was 2.53 compared to a 2.24 of students not attending SI.
    • The average cumulative GPA of SI leaders was 3.58 for the spring semester!
  • The SI program earned Level I certification through the College Reading & Learning Association's (CRLA) International Mentor Training Program Certification (IMTPC) in July 2014.

Program Staff

Heather Porter, Assistant Director for Academic Support and Supplemental Instruction

Carrianne Cicero, Graduate Assistant for Supplemental Instruction

Eric Gillies, Undergraduate Assistant for Supplemental Instruction