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Salary Advances

Travel Advances

Other Advances

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Salary Advances


1.  New employees who have not been placed on the State’s payroll are entitled to an advance equal to 65% of their salary.

2.  Employees not receiving a paycheck due on a specific date caused by an administrative error (all errors must be documented and approved by the Comptroller or the Payroll Officer).

NOTE: The salary advance is not deducted from the employees' paycheck and must be settled when the employee receives his/her first "official" paycheck.


1.  New employees not on the payroll may be eligible to receive an advance check on their regular pay day, if approved by the  Comptroller or the Payroll Officer.  

Employees must first contact the Payroll Office, HH Room 215, regarding any request for a salary advance.

Travel Advances


    1. Out-of-State travel advances may only be given to a new employee traveling out of state without an "American Express Corporate Card". The amount of advance will be for 90% of the approved amount (less any prepaid items this office has previously processed) if funds are available. No advance or reimbursement will be made by this office unless all appropriate department head signatures have been obtained.

      An American Express credit card application is available at American Express Corp Card Application, by pickup in the Accounts Payable Director's Office, Holloway Hall-Room 218 or by campus mail.

    2. Athletic travel advances for away games and scouting trips are given for the full amount if requested (in writing) by the Athletic Director at least 1 week in advance of trip.

    3. No travel advances will be given for any in-state travel (faculty and staff must file an expense account to be reimbursed).


      1. All requests for travel/other advances for the week (allow 7 days in advance) must be in the Accounts Payable Office, Holloway Hall, Room 218, each Monday by 12 noon.

      2. Requests received by 12 noon on each Monday will be available for pick-up on Wednesday at 8:00 a.m.

      3. All travel advances must be settled (in person) within three (3) working days after the trip has been completed or personal reimbursement will be required.

Other Advances

1. Officials (only) for any athletic or intramural activities may be advanced for the approved amount (requested in writing) by the Athletic Director (providing working fund money is available) at least 1 week in advance of trip.

2. Temporary advances for certain change funds can be issued with the approval of the Comptroller or the Accounts Payable Supervisor.

3. Prepaid invoice/registration fees will be reviewed individually and the method of payment will be determined by the Working Fund custodian. Normal procedure requires this type of expenditure be paid through the Accounts Payable Office via the State Comptroller's office or by the University's procard not the Working Fund. Thus, required prepayments should be processed at least three-four weeks in advance of any deadline date. Remember, no payment can be made to any vendor unless the State Treasurer’s Office and Salisbury University has a federal identification number on file for that vendor. 

4. Emergency advances can only be made with the approval of the Accounts Payable Supervisor or the Comptroller.

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