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Travel Card Request

Diners Club Travel Card Member Agreement

Generally, the Diners Club Travel Card (Travel Card) is reserved for the use of authorized staff in Admissions, Athletics and for faculty/staff participating in Study Abroad programs. An employee can request a Travel Card from the Accounts Payable Supervisor (Katherine Shockley x36079). If the request is approved by Accounts Payable, the employee needs to sign the “Salisbury University Diners Club Travel Card Member Agreement” and the “Diners Club Cardmember Application.” Both documents require supervisory approval. The procedures below supplement the aforementioned Card Member Agreement and Cardmember Application. The cardholder is required to abide by all of these policies and procedures.

Travel Card Usage

The Salisbury University (SU) Diners Club Travel Card (Travel Card) is generally used to purchase the following while on University-related, pre-approved travel or other pre-approved activities: 

1. Transportation

2. Lodging

3. Vehicle rental

4. Meals

5. Educational supplies related to pre-approved travel (Study Abroad)

6. Other authorized expenses (e.g., food, supplies purchased locally) related to that pre-approved travel. 

The Travel Card may not be used to purchase in-town food, retail or any other purposes not related to University-related, pre-approved travel or other pre-approved activities. 

Examples of other pre-approved activities include intercollegiate athletics (e.g., games, pre-season or practices) and University events (e.g., New Student Experience, Admissions). 

All travel-related services purchased with the Travel Card must be made in accordance with all applicable State laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, sponsored grant terms and conditions; Maryland statutes; the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR); the Diners Club Travel Card Program Policies and Procedures; the University System of Maryland (USM) Travel Policy and the SU Travel Policies and Procedures. 

The following are examples of unallowable Travel Card purchases and examples of Travel Card uses that are inconsistent with University policies and procedures. The list provides some examples and is not exhaustive. 

Examples of Unallowable Purchases

• Personal expenses

• Food while not on University-related, pre-approved travel

• Retail purchases (non-University travel purchases)

• Expenses for spouses, partners, children and others not involved with SU business

• Airline seat upgrades 

• Gift cards 

• Gifts of sentiment (i.e., flowers, candy, birthday/retirement gifts, etc.) 

• Books, periodicals, subscriptions, etc. 

• Alcoholic beverages 

• Services or purchases that exceed delegated authority 

• Artificially breaking a single transaction into multiple transactions to mask a total cost that exceeds delegated authority 

• Payment for travel secured with an agreement or contract that has not been signed by the SU Procurement

The Travel Card is not to be used by anyone but the cardholder.

When reserving flights for non-SU employees/students, the cardholder must contact the Accounts Payable Office before the purchase is made. (A check made payable to Salisbury University for the full amount of the non-employee’s airfare must be provided to the University at the time of the purchase.)

When charging meals, the cardholder must stay within per diem rates. If the expense is over the per diem rate, then the cardholder must reimburse the University within ten (10) calendar days of travel conclusion. 

The failure to follow established policies and procedures may result in Travel Card revocation and/or disciplinary action(s) against the cardholder in accordance with University Human Resource policies. The cardholder will be responsible for repaying the University within ten (10) calendar days of travel conclusion for any unauthorized and/or unsubstantiated Travel Card charges. 

The Travel Card cardholder and the Travel Office are accountable for ensuring that all Travel Card purchases are properly approved and documented, and are made in compliance with University policies, governing law, and applicable regulations. 

Travel/Expense Account Processing

The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that Travel Card documentation and receipts are provided in accordance with Travel Card deadlines and are maintained in accordance with University policies. 

1. Charges made prior to travel (airfares, registrations, hotel reservations) must be sent to the Travel Office (Kaye Gibbs) within 3 business days and must have a preapproved Out of State Travel form.

2. Within ten (10) calendar days from travel conclusion, the cardholder must provide the University with an approved State of Maryland Expense Account and appropriate receipts for all travel-related expenses. An approved SU requisition is sufficient if the cardholder is making a purchase (e.g., airfare) for multiple people.

3. Receipts must be original and itemized (i.e., they need to show what is actually purchased). For example, it is insufficient for a restaurant receipt to just have a total charge. You need to have the receipt/ticket that indicates the individual items with prices. If itemized receipts are not provided and the purchase cannot be substantiated in some other manner, then the University may seek reimbursement from the cardholder as noted in 5.

4. The expense account (or requisition) should clearly indicate any expenses paid using the Travel Card. Please mark DINERS CLUB at the top of the first page of any paperwork sent to the Travel Office on purchases.

5. The cardholder must reimburse the University within ten (10) calendar days of travel conclusion for any unused cash advances and unauthorized and/or unsubstantiated charges to the Travel Card. The failure to provide the Expense Account form and related receipts and/or to reimburse the University by the deadline may result in the immediate cancellation of the Travel Card and disciplinary action. In the event the cardholder leaves the University prior to the cardholder fully reimbursing the University, the University will deduct the outstanding balance from the last payroll and pursue subsequent collection efforts in accordance with university and state procedures. 

Go to for all travel forms. They are available in form fill.  The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that Travel Card documentation and receipts are provided in accordance with Travel Card deadlines and are maintained in accordance with University policies.

Travel Card Safe Keeping and Recordkeeping

SU Travel Card cardholders are responsible for all charges made to their Travel Card and for retaining required records and receipts for all transactions until they are submitted to Accounts payable/Travel Office. Cardholders are responsible for securing the Travel Card and the Travel Card account number. 

If a card is cancelled because the cardholder is leaving the University or no longer needs or requires the card, the Travel Card must be returned to Debbie Merryweather in Holloway Hall Room 228 immediately. Any failure to return the Travel Card within the prescribed timeframe may result in disciplinary action.

Lost or Stolen Cards and Unauthorized Transactions

In the event the Travel Card is lost or stolen, notify Diners Club and the SU Travel Card Administrator (Katherine Shockley in Accounts Payable 410-543-6079) Program within twenty four (24) hours of such event. Any failure to report the loss or theft of the Travel Card within twenty-four (24) hours of such event shall result in the cardholder being liable for any unauthorized charges. Also notify Diners Club and the Travel Card Program upon notice of any unauthorized transactions on the Travel Card.

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