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Search Committee and Moving Expenses Procedures

Candidate Interviews

Moving Expenses for New Employees - SU Policy

USM Policy on Moving Expenses

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Candidate Interviews

All Search Committees are requested to follow this newly revised procedure when a vacancy becomes available. After advertising the position, reviewing and screening candidate applications, the following steps should occur:

1.  The Search Committee Chair or designee must complete sections I and II of the Candidate Interview Form and submit a form for each candidate to be interviewed to the Dean's or Vice President's Office;

2.  The Search Committee Chair shall complete section III and forward to the Dean's or Vice President's office for final approval;

3.  The Dean's/Vice President's Office will then forward a copy of each approved/authorized Candidate Interview Form back to the Search Committee Chair or designee for completion of section IV;

4.  The interview is held and;

5.  Each applicant and or the Search Committee member(s) will be responsible for filing a State of Maryland Expense Account Form (GAD X3) along with the approved, completed copy of the Candidate Interview Form as well as all other necessary original detail receipts (ie...hotel car rental, etc.) after the interview. If the candidate has traveled by air, the original passenger coupon must also be submitted.  The Dean's/Vice President's Office will then be responsible for submitting this information to the Financial Services--Accounts Payable Office for final review, processing and reimbursement. A candidate will only be reimbursed at USM/SU standard allowance rates for mileage and meals. CANDIDATES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARGE OR DIRECT BILL ANY TYPE OF INTERVIEW EXPENSE TO SALISBURY UNIVERSITY.

Committees should utilize University Dining Services for candidate meals as a first choice or except as approved by the Dean's/Vice President's Office. 

These procedures are intended as a guide to expedite the processing of expense account forms for the Candidate Interview Process. If the above forms/approvals are not validated, the Accounts Payable Office will delay processing any expense account until all pertinent information/receipts have been received. 

Sample Candidate Interview Form (PDF
Candidate Interview Form (WORD)

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Moving Expenses for New Employees - SU Policy

It is the policy of Salisbury University that moving expenses may be reimbursed to a new employee if the following criteria are met:

1.  The payment of moving expenses follows the general guidelines as approved by the Board of Regents under policy 202.0 VII – 4.40 (see USM Policy);

2.  Reimbursement has been approved by both the Dean and Vice President's office in advance of employment;

3.  Moving expenses become a part of the initial faculty employment contract or letter of offering for administrative staff and;

4.  A designated fund source is available, indicated and approved (i.e....department account code).

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USM Policy on Moving Expenses

1.  The Chief Executive Officer of a constituent institution or component may authorize the payment of moving expenses for personnel when it is deemed to be in the interest of the institution or component to do so.  The Chancellor many authorize the payment of moving expenses for Chief Executive Officers of constituent institutions and components.

2.  The payment may include moving expenses of normal household goods, including reasonable packing and unpacking charges.

3.  Moving expenses may be authorized only when the distance between the former residence and the University System location is in excess of 35 miles one way.

4.  Exceptions to the 35 mile limitation may be made for payment of relocation expenses when the relocation is for the convenience of the institution or component.

5.  Nothing in this Policy requires the payment of moving expenses.

6.  Each Chief Executive Officer shall develop procedures implementing this policy.

Procedures for Reimbursement of Moving Expenses (WORD)

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