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Degree Programs:

The University offers undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. Minimum requirements for graduation include satisfactory completion of 120 semester hours, 45 of which must be in prescribed General Education courses. Some majors require more than 120 semester hours, usually to meet accreditation standards. See the particular department for details. The University also offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Education, the Master of Education with a major in educational leadership, the Master of Arts in Teaching (cooperatively with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore), the Master of Arts in English, the Master of Arts in psychology, the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Science in nursing, and the Master of Social Work.

More information can be found here.

Distance Learning:

  • Commitment to Distance Learning

    Salisbury University has a long-standing commitment to distance learning. Starting with the installation of our first earth station for satellite television in the 1980's to the development of a three-county fully integrated audio video network that incorporates multiple technologies. Below is a list of our capabilities.
  • Satellite Coverage

    We have two satellite antennas and can provide complete coverage of any domestic satellite on C or Ku band simultaneously. We are also members of the PBS Adult Learning Service and can provide the ALS programming.
  • Instructional Video Network

    We are members of the University of Maryland Instructional Video Network, a compressed video system used throughout Maryland. It connects all member institutions of the University System of Maryland as well as various other educational and health facility sites.
  • Bell Atlantic Fiber Optic Network

    We are capable of connecting with approximately 100 other Maryland sites through Bell Atlantic's Maryland Distance Learning Network. This is a full-motion fiber optic system.
  • Integration

    All of these resources are available, in any combination, at any point on the SU campus. Three rooms are permanently equipped for distance learning, including two cameras, an overhead video presentation system, and multiple monitors.

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Graduate Studies:

Salisbury University is approved for graduate instruction by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The University offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Business Administration, the Master of Education, the Master of Education with a major in educational leadership, the Master of Arts in Teaching (in cooperation with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore), the Master of Arts in English, the Master of Arts in history, the Master of Arts in psychology and the Master of Science with a major in nursing. Graduate study also is available for teachers seeking to meet requirements for advanced certification in school administration and for post-baccalaureate students seeking graduate credit in both academic and professional areas.

During the fall and spring semesters, the majority of graduate students enroll for courses conducted in the University's evening program. This program consists mainly of courses meeting once weekly throughout the semester in either late afternoon or evening sessions of approximately three hours each. A limited number of courses open both to graduate students and advanced undergraduates is also available in the regular daytime program. In addition, graduate study is available during the University's summer session and winter term. Residence hall accommodations are available to graduate students only during the summer session and winter term.

Requirements for admission to graduate study include a completed Application to Graduate Study, the application fee and official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions. Additional requirements vary by specific program.

The Graduate Catalogue is available upon request from the Office of Admissions and online. Also: Graduate Study website

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International Studies:

This minor, which consists of the following 21 credit hours, requires that students have knowledge of a language and culture different from that of the United States:

  1. Complete the following 12-credit core: 
    International Studies Minor
    ANTH 212 Cultural Anthropology 3
    GEOG 301 World Regions 3
    ECON 402 Comparative Economic Systems 3
    ECON 411 Economic Development 3
    ECON 441 International Economics 3
    POSC 210 Introduction to International Relations 3
    SOCI 319 Social Change and Social Planning 3
  2. Select nine credit hours from among the courses not chosen above and from among the following courses, with no more than three credit hours in any one area:

    International Studies Minor
    ANTH 450 Comparative Culture 3
    BUAD 422 Management of the Multinational Business 3
    BUAD 423 International Marketing 3
    BUAD 447 International Financial Management 3
    GEOG 202 Cultural Geography 3
    GEOG 310 Regional Geography of Europe 3
    GEOG 406 Regional Planning 3
    HIST 3XX (at the 300 level according to area of concentration or relevant program of study; see minor advisor) 3
    POSC 212 Introduction to African Politics 3
    POSC 215 American Foreign Policy 3
    POSC 310 Comparative European Government 3
    POSC 311 Comparative Government of Developing Nations 3
    POSC 312 International Relations of Southern Africa 3
    POSC 409 Causes of War 3
    POSC 411 International Law 3
    POSC 415 The United Nations System 3
    POSC 417 Russia and the Soviet Union 3
    SOCI 320 Social Movements 3
    SOCI 322 Population Studies 3
    SOCI 329 Medical Sociology 3
  3. Additionally, students must satisfy the following language and culture component: proficiency through the 202 level of any language offered at SU; or proficiency through the 102 level of any language taught at SU and two courses whose primary emphasis is the study of another culture or cultures whether through sociological, philosophical, literary, aesthetic or communication perspectives (or an approved study abroad program). For more information, contact minor advisor.

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Pre-Professional Programs

Service Learning

Studying Abroad:

Salisbury University encourages student participation in study-abroad programs. Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at Salisbury University in order to earn a degree from the University. Students electing to study abroad in a University-approved program during their senior year may apply up to 30 semester hours of approved transfer credits toward the final 30-hour residency requirement for graduation. All other graduation requirements must be met.

See also the: The Center for International Education

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