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2005-2006 Salisbury University Annual Report

  • Front & Back Covers
  • Introduction & President's Message
    pp 1-2 (1525K)
  • A Gift For SU’s Future
    pp 3-4 (1218K)
  • Making A Difference Globally
    pp 5-6 (1133K)
  • Partnering For Success
    pp 7-8 (1317K)
  • Student Learning In The Real World
    pp 9-10 (1420K)
  • Celebrated Cultural Programs
    pp 11-12 (1888K)
  • Learning In The World Community
    pp 13-14 (1339K)
  • Faculty And Staff Excellence
    pp 15-16 (1526K)
  • Looking Back To Define The Future
    pp 17-18 (1257K)
  • Legendary Champions
    pp 19-20 (1253K)
  • Financial Report
    pp 21-22 (1253K)
  •  (2246K)

All files are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to access these files.

If you would like a printed version, please contact the Public Relations. Office.