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Withdrawing From The University

Withdrawing FAQs

Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must complete and submit the Request to Withdraw from the University form available on-line through Gull Net.

The deadline date to withdraw for each session or term is 5:00 PM on the second to the last day of classes. However, students who withdraw for any reason after the Friday of the mid-point of the session or term will receive grades of WP or WF to denote their grade status at the time of their withdrawal.

Requests to retroactively withdraw after the last day of classes and up to two weeks after the end of the term, will only be considered with documentation of extenuating circumstances that significantly impaired the student's ability to complete the semester and officially withdraw by the established deadlines. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, medical or psychological causes.

A student cannot withdraw if a final examination has been taken.

A medical withdrawal is designed for students who experience the onset of acute or chronic medical conditions, serious illness, or injury that prevents continuing his or her classes, and incompletes or other arrangements with the instructors are not possible.

Generally a medical withdrawal follows the University’s refund schedule located at

In very rare and unusual circumstances, the University may consider alternative dates of withdrawal.  For example if a student was hospitalized and missed a withdrawal deadline as noted on the University’s refund schedule, the University may consider dating the withdrawal to the time of hospitalization.

For consideration of an earlier withdrawal date with a request for a refund exception, please submit a written letter of support from a licensed medical provider that specifies the date of onset, the nature of the condition, and how/why it prevented completion of coursework.

This documentation must be received by the Office of Student Affairs within (5) five business days from the date of the request to withdraw or else the request will be processed as an equally valid non-medical withdrawal.  In some cases, follow up will be required from a medical provider to confirm the student is medically fit to resume enrollment.

Matriculated students who have withdrawn and wish to be reinstated must submit an Application for

Readmission form available on-line on the Registrar’s website at

Consider the following:

  • Students receiving financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office (410-543-6165) and the Cashier’s Office (410-543-6060).
  • Students living in on-campus residence halls will be required by the Housing Office (410-543-6040) to vacate their residence hall room within 24 hours.
  • Student athletes should contact the Athletics Department (410-548-3503).
  • Students who receive education benefits under the GI Bill must contact the Veterans Office (410-543-6150).
  • International students must contact the Center for International Education (410-677-5027).
  • Graduate students are advised to contact their advisor before finalizing withdrawal plans.

Students who withdraw from the University within the specified timeframes may receive a refund of tuition within the parameters of the schedule as outlined on the Cashiers Office website at

A special procedure has been established for students who must withdraw from the University because they have been called to active military duty. Instructions are available

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