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Field Education FAQ's for BASW Students

How and when do I apply?

Undergraduate students usually apply to field in their junior year. Applications are usually requested in February of their spring term. The application may be found on the Social Work Department website under Field Forms. Remember to attach a copy of your resume!

What happens after I turn in my application?

All field application are reviewed and requests are matched. Someone in the field office will contact you and give you the name and phone number of a supervisor in your potential placement agency. You will contact the supervisor to set up an interview. After your interview, you will report back to the field office and the field office will confirm your field placement. If you have an agency in mind where you want to do your field placement, we ask that you talk to the field office FIRST.

How do I prepare for my interview with a prospective field placement supervisor?

Treat this interview as if you were applying for a job in the agency. Dress for success, not a college class. Be prepared for the interview by researching the agency and go with a list of questions to ask, such as "What do student interns do in this agency?" Take your updated resume and remember to be professional.

What happens after my placement is confirmed?

Before the start of the semester, touch base with your supervisor. Review any correspondence from the Social Work Field Office regarding any mandatory orientation to field and review the field calendars on the Social Work Department website. Confirm your start date and ask if there is anything that you need to do before your first day. Some agencies require a PPD, background check, driving record, etc.

How much time will I spend in a field placement?

Undergraduate students spend 16 hours per week in field while school is in session, both fall and spring semesters. Most students spend Tuesdays and Thursdays in field, but that may be flexible at times based on the placement and student schedule. At this time, we do not have any evening or weekend field placements available. You will need to make yourself available two days during the normal work week in order to complete your field practicum.

What kind of supervision will I receive?

You will receive supervision from an agency-designated supervisor, usually a licensed social worker, and you will have a Salisbury University faculty member serve as your Field Liaison.

How many placements will I have?

Both semesters are spent in the same agency.

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