Social Work
Holloway Hall

Margo A. Kushner, PhD, MSW, LCSW-C, AAMFT

Assistant Professor

Office:  TETC 254-K

Phone:  410-543-6513


Web page:


Appointment Year:  2006


Courses Taught

Social Work Practice I

Advanced Practice with Families

Advanced Practice with Groups

Substance Abuse Assessment and Intervention

Research/Practice Interests

Family Law Legislation

Children's Rights

Meditation and Arbitration

Child Custody and Access

Collaborative Law


Institutions Attended

University of Calgary Ph.D.
University of Calgary MSW
University of Calgary BSW
York University BA, Major in Anthropology


Other Credentials   
Clinical registration with the Canadian Social Work Association

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, State of Maryland

Member, AAMFT - American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

Reviewer, AAMFT scholarly works/workshop submissions.
Member, AFCC - Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

Member, SSPS - Society for the Study of Social Problems

Nominated for excellence in teaching award at the University of Calgary 2003
Recipient of the Women Helping Women Scholarship provided by the Psychology Association, Alberta, CA 2002, 2003


Committees and Boards

Administrative Office of the Courts - Custody Subcommittee of the Maryland Judiciary, Committee on Family Law

Habitat for Humanity - Board Member, Salisbury Chapter


Scholarly Work - Peer-Reviewed Articles

Kushner, M. (2009) Judges & child custody evaluators beware: Methodological limitations
     inherent in the research about children & divorce. Canadian Family Law Quarterly 28 (1),
     pp. 33-49.
Kushner, M. (2009) A dual model for completing parenting plans post separation.
     Journal of Divorce & Remarriage
, 50(7).
Kushner, M. (2009) A review of the empirical literature about child development and
     adjustment post separation. Journal of Divorce & Remarriage (in press).

Kushner, M. (2008) Contextual Slippage: A Detriment to Child Custody Planning? Journal
     of Child Custody,
5(3/4), 276-298.
Kushner, M. (2006) Is best interests a solution to filling potholes in child custody planning?
     Journal of Child Custody, 3(2), 71-89.

Kushner, M. (2006) Best interests and child custody planning. Journal of Divorce &
, 44(3/4), 17-29.

Kushner, M. (2005) The child custody expert: Legitimizing one's moral and legal self. 
     Canadian Family Law Quarterly, 23(1), 94-99.

Kushner, M. (2005) Child custody experts: An identity crisis. Canadian Family Law Quarterly,
     22(3), 297-317.


Scholarly Work - Professional Publications

Kushner, M. (2008, Feb.)  Mapping text. Institutional Ethnography Newsletter. 5(1).
Kushner, M. (2007, June) Tips for divorcing parents regarding their children.
     NASW web-site

Kushner, M. (2006) Child custody planning in a textually structured court system.
     Published doctoral dissertation, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB.

Kushner, M. (2005). The relationship between children of divorce and the legal system,

     revisited. Psymposium, 14(4), 22-25.

Kushner, M. (2004). The relationship between children of divorce and the legal system.

     Women in Psychology, 15(3), 3-6.

Kushner, M. (1995). Principles of prosperity and social work. The Advocate, 20(1), 16-17.

Kushner, M. (1994). Excelling in private practice. The Advocate, 19(4), 17-18.



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