Curriculum Resource Center
Holloway Hall

Role of the Curriculum Resource Center

1. To give teacher candidates and education faculty easy access to materials that would be useful in:

                                ●preparing or supporting their lessons

                                ●gaining knowledge

                                ●growing professionally


2. To house resources such as:


                                ●Riall lecture tapes/DVDs and books

                                ●children's and young adult literature


                                ●other materials


3. To be a repository for special collections such as:

                                ●selected art work

                                ●environmental science books

                                ●Green Earth Book Award books

                                ●Maryland books

                                ●other special collections


4. To be a venue for Children's and Young Adult Literature festival and other education presentations such as book signings, book fairs, special displays, art, and gallery walks to name a few.


5. To give students and faculty a place to study or work in small groups.