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Registered student organizations requesting funds for out-of-state travel for conferences are required to present to the Appropriations Board the club's justification for attending the conference.

Appropriations Board Guidelines

In an effort to keep all available funding readily accessible to all student groups and maintain a fair allocating process, the Appropriations Board has implemented the following procedures:

No RSO will receive an “individual” budget.  The Appropriations Board will review Requests for Funding from an RSO. This means there will be no more “Special Requests” for funding form, therefore, making the process more efficient for everyone. When an RSO wants to make a purchase of any kind (ex.: in and out of state travel, supplies, plaques, etc.) simply submit a Request for Funding to the Appropriations Board at least two weeks before the date of the event. If the RSO request exceeds $1,000, a club member must present the request to the Appropriations Board at the Board's meeting. The RSO will be notified by e-mail as soon as the Board makes a decision on the club's request.

All food purchases must come from the RSO's fundraised account.  There is no longer a special food account available.

All clubs traveling off campus and requesting funds from Appropriations needs to have an SU faculty or staff advisor travel with them. 

In addition, purchases of tee shirts or any clothing WILL NOT be funded by the Appropriations Board. However, clubs MAY USE their fundraised money for such purchases.  All tshirt designs must be approved by the Publications Department before being ordered.

All RSO’s are expected to fundraise at least 10% of the total amount of the request for EACH request submitted to the Appropriations Board. RSO’s that fundraise more will be given priority in the allocating process. If an RSO receives funding and does not fundraise at all, the Appropriations Board reserves the right to “freeze” the RSO’s funding privileges until they meet the fundraising requirements. Please NOTE: Fundraised monies may be used at the club's discretion as indicated in the Appropriations Board Constitution.

A few scenarios to better explain the process:

  • Club A would like to request $1,000 for 3 of its members and an advisor to go to their national yearly conference. Thus far, the group has fundraised $200. Their request will most likely be granted due to the high activity level of the RSO.
  • Club A would like to request $1,000 for 3 of its members and an advisor to go to their national yearly conference. Thus far, the group has not done any fundraising but they have not yet requested any other funding and are committed to a fundraising activity later in the semester. It is likely that their Request for Funding will be granted.
  • Club A would like to request $1,000 for 3 of its members and an advisor to go to their national yearly conference. Thus far the group has requested a total of $655 from the Appropriations Board and has done no fundraising to date. Their request will most likely NOT be granted due to their level of inactivity. The Appropriations Board will not allocate funding for more than 3 RSO members and an advisor to attend a conference. If more than 3 members and advisor are going to attend, here are a few suggestions:
    • Fundraise the difference in cost for everyone to attend.
    • Use monies granted by the Appropriations Board to supplement the cost for each member attending and have individuals pay the difference. For example, your RSO is granted $400 for 3 members and an advisor to attend but there are 7 members and an advisor that would like to go. Your RSO may decide to split the $400 evenly ($50 each) and have each attendee pay the difference ($50).
    • Use monies to pay for the first 3 members and an advisor to attend the conference and allow others to pay full cost if they would like to attend.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Board representative or email

The Appropriations Board is looking forward to a successful 2009/2010 school year.

- Appropriations Board