Holloway Hall

Salisbury University Philosophical Society



President: Daria Baylis

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Vice-President: Harry Snoots

Harry Snoots


To be, or not to be. Is that REALLY the question?  

My name is Harry Snoots, only my second semester within the Philosophical Society, first as an officer.  I came to SU as a Psychology major, but a simple Philosophy 101 had me hooked on to a double major and there is no turning back.  So far, I greatly enjoy the works of Socrates and Plato,  mostly because my experience and range of ideas is lacking. I hope that changes fast!  I have a drag, boring life, and that isn't a joke. The only interesting feature I have: I draw.  Not really well, but I do!  I am known to be extremely sarcastic, but that's isn't a bad thing right? Right.   I am open to discussions with anyone, as long as I am not sleeping or on my way to class.  Just find me and spark a chat! I have a wide range of ideas and am known for my arguing abilities (Everyone says I should be a lawyer... BORING!).  I hope that we can come up with some events that everyone will enjoy and see some new faces this semester!

Email: Harry Snoots

Secretary/Treasurer: Tabitha Kanagie


Email: Tabitha Kanagie

Hi everyone! My name is Tabitha.  I'm a double-major: Philosophy and Environmental Studies, with a minor in English. My favorites areas of philosophy are environmentalism, women's rights, and animal rights (I'm a vegetarian, making the transition to vegan). In my free time I crochet, knit, paint, watch Muppet's Christmas Carol, go rock climbing, and listen to Led Zeppelin. Oh yeah, and I have a twin and together we love to drink tea and go on long bike rides. I was born and raised in Philly; my dream is to live a few years in India. In my opinion, everyone has a philosophy, and thus everyone is qualified to join the society and share/learn philosophical ideas."