Holloway Hall

Salisbury University Philosophical Society



President: Tabitha Kanagie


Email: Tabitha Kanagie

Hi everyone! My name is Tabitha.  I'm a double-major: Philosophy and Environmental Studies, with a minor in English. My favorites areas of philosophy are environmentalism, women's rights, and animal rights (I'm a vegetarian, making the transition to vegan). In my free time I crochet, knit, paint, watch Muppet's Christmas Carol, go rock climbing, and listen to Led Zeppelin. Oh yeah, and I have a twin and together we love to drink tea and go on long bike rides. I was born and raised in Philly; my dream is to live a few years in India. In my opinion, everyone has a philosophy, and thus everyone is qualified to join the society and share/learn philosophical ideas."


Vice-President: Mark Oberly


Email: Mark Oberly


Secretary/Treasurer: Position vacant