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Dr. Grace Clement, Chair/Associate Professor

Dr. Grace Clement
Philosophy House #204
1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, Maryland 21801-6860
(410) 677-5074
Office Hours : M 3:00-4:00; T 1:00-3:00; W 3:00-5:00; R 1:00-2:00

My main areas of interest are moral theory and questions about the foundations and boundaries of ethics: How is morality related to human nature? What are our responsibilities to nonhumans? Are masculine and feminine approaches to morality different? What is the relationship between justice and care? I teach classes on Human Nature, Feminism, Animals and Ethics, and Moral Theory, as well as Introductory Philosophy, Modern Philosophy and Symbolic Logic. I have written a book, Care, Autonomy, and Justice: Feminism and the Ethic of Care, and I am currently doing research on the ethics of human/animal relations and the ethics of organ donations. I serve as the advisor to the student Philosophical Society at SU and the co-advisor to the ECI prison discussion group.

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