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All videos are listed alphabetically. Videos are available in the Office of the Global Programs Administrator (Room #005A) in the Lower Level of Holloway Hall in the Perdue School of Business Student Services Center.

A - C

Benetton Story (1993) - 40 minutes
This program goes behind the scenes at the Italian-owned family firm that has been hailed as one of the world's most successful companies, examining the reasons for its unique success, its shocking advertising campaigns and clear brand image, its corporate structure and the role of franchising to minimize the investment and risk, its aggressive expansion into the Third World and its prospects for the future.

Challenges of NAFTA (1994) - 25 minutes
This video explains the key aspects of the North American Free Trade Association and discusses its pros and cons for American businesses. It also looks at how Mexican and Canadian business practices differ from American practices.

Challenge to America: Issues in International Business (1995-Instructors Edition) - 60 minutes
This program shows how American employees suffer when shortsighted decisions are made in the corporate boardrooms of companies from computer giant IBM, to mid-sized Silicon Valley to the distressed Pennsylvania steel mills. These American companies are compared and contrasted with two different international perspectives and philosophies-Japan and Germany.

Coke in Japan (1996) - 11 minutes
Coke's success in Japan is in great part due to establishing partnerships with knowledgeable locals, being familiar with the culture and customs, and consensus building. They have managed to be part of a local community while being an international company.

Competing in a Global Environment (1997) - 30 minutes
Describes the differences between domestic and international business, explains the economic rationales for international trade, describes the unique considerations associated with international business and outlines approaches used to operate in international markets.

Cultural Environment of International Business - 37 minutes
This program is a practical guide to international business customs and protocol. Roger E. Axtell, author and former marketing executive for the Parker Pen Company, examines cultural differences in communication styles, body language, and etiquette. He stresses the importance of being aware of local business practices when designing products and strategies for an international market.

Cultural Passport to International Business - 28 minutes
This program explores the importance of understanding cultural attitudes and values when conducting business internationally. It teaches viewers how to greet and communicate with people from other countries, how to interpret their body language, and how to recognize sensitive issues. Viewers also learn about how people in other countries negotiate and prepare contracts, how they perceive the roles of men and women, and how they perceive time. Dinner etiquette in several countries is covered.

D - F

Doing Business in Chile (1997) - 38 minutes
Supplies viewers with a thorough knowledge of the basics of cross-cultural negotiation, business protocol, communicating effectively, management and much more.

Doing Business in Mexico (1996) - 33 minutes
The objective of this video is to give viewers a better understanding of Mexico's unique culture and way of doing business. Topics covered include: History and Culture; Mexico Today; Time and Patience; Making Contacts; Etiquette; The Business Relationship; Communicating and Negotiating.

Doing Business in Taiwan (1996) - 13 minutes
Discusses the impressive growth of high-tech industry and commerce in Taiwan. For Americans, it's an excellent opportunity for both trading and entrepreneurship.

Economics USA #27-International Trade (1989) - 30 minutes
The effects of international trade, tariff, and quotas featuring the 1989 trade bill.

Economics USA #28-Exchange Rates (1989) - 30 minutes
Governments try to control exchange rates with such means as The Plaza Accord of 1985 and the Louvre Accord of 1987.

Euro: Common Currency Concerns (1997) - ? minutes
Summary currently unavailable.

European Union (1995) - 24 minutes
This video traces the history of the European Union, looking at such events in its development as the Single European Act and the Maastricht Treaty. It examines the functions of the Commission, the Parliament, the Court, and the Council, and discusses the major provisions of the Single Internal Market program. It looks at the significance of the EEA agreement with EFTA and the role of the European Monetary Union. The program also considers the EU's relationship with the new democracies of Eastern Europe and discusses the future direction of the Union.

Foreign Currency (1996) - 13 minutes
New technology has helped spur tremendous growth in foreign exchange markets. This case study shows different exchange rates affect investment deals.

G - L

Global Environmental Communication (1996) - 8 minutes
As technology is allowing for easier and more global business activity, the necessity of understanding different cultures is greater. Business must be aware of and adapt to these differences in customs and economic practices. Communication and language barriers must be overcome.

Global Strategy (1996) - 11 minutes
In order to meet the challenges of the future and effectively use world resources to compete, Ford has developed a worldwide team structure for the design, production and marketing of its cars. This video examines Ford's approach, and looks a the company's financial services and its methods for dealing with environmental concerns.

Inside the Global Economy: Multinational Corps. (1994) - 60 minutes
This video examines how multinational corporations move capital and transfer technology, presenting accepted American views and opinions of other countries. It looks at the controversies that often surround practices of multinational corporations. The video considers Ericsson's investment in Hungary and compares the practices of Smith-Corona and Brother.

International Business Practices: Hidden Dimensions (1996) - 40 minutes
Renowned anthropologist Edward T. Hall explores the hidden dimensions that have a profound influence on cross-cultural business relations: space, time and the exchange of information. Dr. Hall explains American assumptions that lead to troubling international and cross-cultural interactions. By using footage from culturally diverse settings, viewers begin to observe their own surroundings and behavior and become more sensitive to important but often times ignored cues.

M - R

Made in America: Japan Project - 52 minutes
This video explores the efforts made by six American firms to set up business in Japan. The video follows the companies as they develop strategies, set up new priorities and "rethink" their philosophies to become successful on foreign soil.

Made in Japan - 52 minutes
Japan's business successes in the United States are well known. Made in Japan explores the paths taken by four Japanese corporations-Sony, Benihana of Tokyo, Honda and Sega- to enter the American market. The founders of these organizations talk about their inspirations, motivations and philosophies that helped them build successful companies.

Pacific Triangle (1997) - 27 minutes
As a result of policies initiated by the Deng Xiaoping, China now has one of the world's fastest growing economies. It is even possible that early in the 21st century, China could become the world's top economic power. This program takes a closer look at China's growing economic clout, and what it means for the current global economic leaders: the Us and Japan. A field report reviews the course of China's economic transformation followed by a panel discussion.

Retailing in Europe (1992) - 22 minutes
Contrasting Western Europe with the United States, this program examines how social and cultural differences affect retailing. Interviews with European consumers and authorities on international retailing illuminate how the systems differ, focusing on supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail outlets, and auto dealerships. The program also considers the implications of the European Community (EC) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) economic programs for retailers.

S - Z

Work Abroad (1998) - 30 minutes
This guide explores six areas of culture: time; relationships; communication styles; group/individual dynamics; status and hierarchy; and ways of reasoning. The exploration of these cultural patterns will give you a basic understanding of the ways in which people are different around the world and will provide you with insight that you can apply to your own intercultural interactions.

World of Differences (1997) - 30 minutes
This video is dedicated to the proposition that cross-cultural communication can be successful--IF we strive to recognize and understand the powerful differences that separate people from two cultures. When we encounter people from other cultures, we may fail to understand them because of differences in language, values, gestures, emotional expression, norms, rituals, rules, expectations, family background and life experiences.

World of Gestures (1994) - 30 minutes
Gestures are a form of nonverbal communication, a silent language unique to every society. Although never taught or studied in books, the language of gestures is learned fluently by each of us. This video explores gestures from cultures around the world. Different types of gestures are shown for beauty, sexual behavior, suicide, aggression, friendship and love.

World of Opportunity: Managing in a Global Environment (1993) - 30 minutes
The exponential growth of international trade and investment in recent decades has spurred broad political, cultural and economic changes around the world. Emphasis of this episode is on the efforts managers must make in dealing with the cultural diversity of different nations, and the flexibility needed to keep an organization running most effectively.

World Within Reach (1995) - 55 minutes
This instructional video represents a step ahead for international educators and for university students preparing for a work or study abroad experience. This movie is the first pre-departure orientation video created specifically for post secondary students. The video emphasizes the enriching possibilities of an international sojourn, both academically and personally.

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