Music Department
Holloway Hall

Jury Information

Students who are enrolled in applied study are required to play a jury at the conclusion of the semester. This will be heard by a panel of instructors at the university. Two contrasting (i.e. lyrical vs. technical) movements or selections are advised. Solo etudes are not advised but are acceptable.

Jury Requirements

  • Submit a completed [Jury Cover Form (PDF)] to your applied teacher two weeks before the scheduled jury. note: You can fill out and print the Jury Form directly from our website.
  • After completing the teacher evaluation portion, the applied faculty member will return the form to the student who is responsible for presenting it at the jury. The instructor may choose to bring the form to the jury if more convenient.
  • Be sure to bring the following items to your jury:
    • One completed copy of the jury cover form (including applied teacher's evaluation), typed.
    • Enough completed (heading) copies for each adjudicator of the jury evaluation forms (obtained from your applied instructor)
    • Two copies of all the music to be performed at the jury
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time properly dressed, warmed up and ready to perform. 


PDF Documents (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)