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General Guidelines:

Salisbury University faculty may submit materials to be placed on course reserve for the current or upcoming semester. A reserve request form needs to be submitted for each item to be placed on reserve. Only the faculty member teaching the course may submit course reserve requests.

Upon receiving a request, Access Services staff will begin to process the order and seek copyright permissions, if needed. Complete bibliographic information for any request is required to facilitate the process and ensure that staff is seeking permissions for the correct item. Any incomplete fields on the request forms will delay processing.

Faculty Quick Guide: Course Reserves Policies & Procedures (PDF format)

Submission Deadline

Reserve items should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure adequate time to process items and secure copyright clearance as needed.

Items are processed in the order requests are received, with additional priority given in the following order: (1) off-campus online courses, (2) off-campus hybrid courses, and (3) on campus face-to-face courses. All attempts are made to process materials promptly.

Password Protection

Items placed on e-Reserve will be password protected. After materials are processed, Access Services staff will e-mail faculty a password for each course. Only faculty teaching courses with assigned online materials may distribute passwords to students. Faculty may not distribute passwords to any person not enrolled in the course.

Submitting Materials

Faculty may either submit the online request form(s) and attach the article(s) or chapter(s), or print the PDF form(s) and return the completed form(s) to the Circulation Desk with the reserve item(s).*

Books & Media Reserve Request Form: PDF format or Online Submission (SU login required) Articles & Chapters Reserve Request Form: PDF format or Online Submission (SU login required)

Note: Click here for detailed instructions on filling out the request forms. If this is the first time you are submitting reserve items, it may be beneficial to setup an appointment with course reserves staff to discuss procedures and policies (see bottom of page for contact info).

* Please keep in mind when submitting items to be placed on e-Reserve that e-Reserves are typically limited to 1 or 2 chapters from a specific book or 1 journal article from a specific journal. Also, if you submit a paper copy of an item, please help us process requests faster by making clean, single-sided copies with no staples.

Please note that papers or projects authored by students may be placed on reserve only if accompanied by a Student Copyright Permission Form.

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Copyright Information

Blackwell Library determines the need to obtain copyright permissions for items placed on reserve based on our analysis of Circular 21: Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Libraries published by the United State Copyright Office, the Guidelines for Classroom Copying of Books and Periodicals agreed upon by the Association of American Publishers and the Author's League of America, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 1998.

Should permission be required for an item, Blackwell Library will seek to obtain permissions and will pay applicable licensing fees as the library's budget allows. If the cost is deemed unreasonable or excessive for a particular item, the library will notify the faculty member requesting the item and will seek out any possible alternative solutions.

To ensure sufficient time for course reserve staff to process reserves and obtain copyright permissions, all reserve requests should be made at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester. Reserves will be processed in the order they are received.

For more information on copyright, see the Blackwell Library Copyright page.

e-Reserves Copyright Notice

Instructions for Filling Out the Blackwell Library Request Form
(instructions may also be used for Book and Media Request Form):

Personal Information*
Directory information is automatically supplied with your SU login.  If you find an error in your information, submit corrected information to 'Request Directory Listing Change' and proceed with the request.
Course Information

Please choose the appropriate semester for the item to be placed on reserve. Please note that a new form must be filled out even if an item was on reserve in a previous semester so that e-Reserves staff can make certain that all necessary copyright permissions are obtained.

Course Name*
Please enter the course name as listed in the course catalog, e.g., 'Intermediate Accounting II'.

Course Number*
Please list both the department code and course number, e.g., 'HIST 301'.

Estimated Class Size*
Please list the estimated class size for each section.

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Bibliographic Information

Item Format*
Choose an item format.  The following types of item formats may be placed on e-Reserves:
  • Book Chapter
    A chapter or essay from a book; amount put on reserve cannot exceed approximately 15 percent of the entire work.
  • Article
    An article from an academic journal; e-Reserves can also supply a direct link to articles in any of Blackwell's online databases (except for articles from the Harvard Business Review).
  • Professor Authored
    Course syllabi, class lecture notes, exam copies, or other course material authored by the professor
  • Student Sample Paper/Project
    Any work authored by a student; a signed student permission form must be included with the e-Reserve request.

Date to Put Item on Reserve*
Please enter the start date you would like for the item to be put on reserve (typically the first day of classes).

Volume # / Issue #*
Please enter both the volume and issue numbers (for journals only).

Journal / Book Title*
If the item is an article, enter the journal, magazine, or newspaper title the article was taken from
If the item is a book chapter, enter the title of the book versus the title of the chapter.

Article / Chapter Title*
Enter the article or chapter title. If there is no chapter title, simply enter the chapter number.

Article / Chapter Author(s)*
Enter the author(s) of the article or, in the case of a book, enter the author(s) of the individual chapter.

Publication Date*
If the item is a book chapter, enter the year the book was published.
If the item is an article, enter year of publication.

Page Numbers*
Please enter the page numbers of the chapter or article, e.g., 21-37.

For a book chapter, please enter the ISBN of the book from which the chapter was taken; for a journal article, please enter the ISSN of the journal from which the article was taken.

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Send Attachment*
If you have an electronic file of the item(s), please attach to the form before sending.

Click the send button after you enter each item.  The following confirmation will appear:

Thank you for submitting the requested item to e-Reserves for processing!
If you made a mistake, please resubmit your item.

 - Submit another item. Library Home.

Primary Contacts:

Amy Jones, Access Services Technician | 410-677-5478  

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