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Faculty librarians offer formal library instruction to all classes conducted by Salisbury University faculty.
In entry level and core courses, librarians teach basic library and research skills; in upper level and graduate courses, librarians focus on advanced search skillsSessions are most effective when course instructors and librarians work together.
Learning Objectives
     The library instruction program has major two goals:
          1. Teaching students to find and use information related to course assignments
          2. Teaching information literacy and research skills to foster life-long learning
Information Literacy is the ability to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information."
(ALA Presidential Committee on Information Literacy, Final Report, 1989)

     An information literate individual can:
           Determine the extent of information needed
           Access the information needed effectively and efficiently
           Evaluate information and its sources critically
           Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base
           Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
           Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information,
             and access and use information ethically and legally
     Instruction Format
Librarians enjoy working with course instructors to tailor instruction to class need. 
     Instruction may take a variety of formats:
           individual class session (one or more)
           individual class session combined with one of the following:
-   a resource-specific orientation
-   a class assignment
-   a library-related assignment
           collaborative course teaching
           small group session
           individual student session
     The class session combination begins in the library classroom, followed by an activity to
     examine relevant resources.

     Collaborative course teaching (teaching with a course instructor) is available for both on-
     site and off-site (distance learning) courses.  Formats can be as inclusive as a librarian and
     course faculty team teaching an entire course or as directed as a librarian monitoring a
     MyClasses online Discussion Board.
     Instruction Length
     Library instruction sessions require a minimum of 30 minutes of faculty librarian teaching. 
     General library tours are not considered instruction.
     Individual class sessions include one 50 or 75 minute class period covering research skills
     and resources appropriate for the course content.  Courses with a significant research
     component may necessitate more than one class session.
     Instruction Scheduling
Library instruction is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 
Instruction is an English 103 requirement, and is strongly recommended for other courses
     that are research intensive.
Faculty requesting a class session should contact the Instruction Coordinator or the library
     liaison for their department at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability of the
     preferred time slot.  Faculty requesting one-on-one sessions should make contact as early
     as possible to discuss location, availability, etc.
     Requests made with less than two weeks lead-time may or may not be able to be scheduled,
     depending on the requirements of the instruction session, availability of the time slot and
     the availability of a faculty librarian.
Generally, librarians teach no more than four class sessions a day.  Instruction may also be
     arranged on a Saturday or a Sunday.  The number of sessions can fluctuate due to demand,
     scheduling difficulties and staff availability.
Library instruction is best scheduled at appropriate times in the term.  Students who are
     aware of and understand the research assignment prior to the time that instruction is
     scheduled are much more likely to be successful.
Course instructors are encouraged to attend class sessions with students. Student learning
     and motivation are enhanced when instructors are present.  Students may also have direct
     questions about assignments requirements or topic-related questions that only their
     classroom instructors can address.
     Instruction Facilities
Library instruction sessions receive a priority status in the use of library facilities.  Sessions
     may take place in one or more of the following library spaces:
            the library classroom (BL203) – 30 student limit
            the media viewing room (BL126) – 10 student limit
            a group study room
            other library spaces or individual librarian offices 
Sessions may also be conducted in spaces outside the library, such as regular course class-
     rooms or in other campus buildings.  The librarian and the course instructor will collaborate
     on the location to ensure that appropriate instruction space and equipment are present.
The BL203 instruction classroom is reserved for library instruction during the fall and spring
     semesters.  When not scheduled for instruction, it is an open lab for students. Consequently,
     is it unavailable for other uses, except through special permission from the Dean of Libraries
     & Instructional Resources.
An important aspect of refining instruction, assessment is carried out formally and informally.
     Faculty collaboration in developing appropriate assessments is particularly welcome.
Statistics are maintained on the number of sessions conducted, the number of students
     taught, the number of classes taught per discipline, and how many sessions each library
     faculty member conducts. These statistics are identified in library reports.
An evaluation survey instrument (print or online) is employed in a sample of classes that
     have received library instruction.
Informal assessment is made based on personal remarks and observations. While this is
     not quantitative data, it is nevertheless invaluable to the assessment of our program -
     any comments or observations are welcome.

     Head of Reference: Susan Brazer, BL134, 410-546-4370,
Library Liaisons:

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