Interdisciplinary Studies Major(IDIS)
Holloway Hall

Interdisciplinary Studies Major (IDIS)

About the Major

The Fulton School of Liberal Arts offers a major in Interdisciplinary Studies leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.  Students may choose to complete the Interdisciplinary Studies major via a personally-tailored Individually Designed Track or though one of three other more program-specific tracks.  Most importantly, the IDIS major gives students the opportunity to integrate information across disciplines to help gain a more complete understanding of the chosen area(s) of study.

Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty & Staff

Interdisciplinary Studies Program Coordinator
Darrell Newton
Fulton Hall (FH) 248 - 410.677.5060 x75060

Individually Designed Track Coordinator
Mr. Jonathan Colón
Fulton Hall (FH) 256 - 410.543.6236 or x36236

Individually Designed Track
Advisor for international students
Ms. Catherine Jackson
Fulton Hall (FH) 252 - 410.677.5046 or x75046

American Studies Track Coordinator
Dr. James Burton
Fulton Hall (FH) 266 - 410.677.0089 or x70089

Anthropology Track Coordinator
Dr. Elizabeth Ragan

Holloway Hall (HH) 380 - 410.548.4502 or x84502

Ethnic and Intercultural Studies Track Coordinator
Dr. James King
Holloway Hall (HH) 348 - 410.677.0154 or x70154

Gender Studies Track Coordinator
Dr. Kara French
Holloway Hall (HH) 372

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