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Student Testimonials


Why You Can Be a Business Major and Be in the Honors Program - Frances Sherlock

“My favorite Honors activity was attending the Honors Conference last year in Niagara Falls! I learned a lot and had a ton of fun, and really got to bond with other Honors students.” - Mary McKernan

 “The Honors College has made my experience at Salisbury University so much better. I have learned so much about writing papers, increased time management, and bettered my discussion skills. It made me a more confident student and provided me with a place I can go to focus, study and succeed.” - Caroline Leahy

 “I had an amazing time at all of the events we did together at the beginning of the school year, especially the kayaking trip. I got to meet so many people and it was such a bonding experience. My favorite part of the Honors College is all of the activities that we have and the Honors classes. I also love the Honors House and I go there to study often since it is quieter and more comfortable than the library.” - Juliet Vapsva

 “The Honors College has opened up my academic world. No classes or programs have ever shown me how far I can reach with education like the Honors College.” - Shannon Wiley

 “My favorite activity was the field trip to the National Museum of the American Indian. I feel that it enhanced the Honors class and contributed to my understanding of native cultures and the modern concept of a museum.” - Andrew Jones

 “I really loved taking a class on Native Americans and Museums. It opened my eyes to so many facts about museums and Native American history! The trip to Washington DC at the end of the semester was icing on top of a very delicious cake.” - Anna Van Zeijts

“I went with the Honors College to New York City last May and had such an amazing time. I got to show my friend Chinatown and see the Statue of Liberty. Then I went to see Les Miserables on Broadway. It was incredible. But what’s a trip to NYC without seeing Time Square. I got to enjoy shopping and exploring with some really awesome people and all for free because of the Honors College!” - Amy Wible

 “The Honors College really helped me when I started at Salisbury University. It gave me a community and I’ve met some fantastic people through it. I really can’t thank the Honors College enough for what they’ve done, I wouldn’t be the person I am without it. I’ve always loved the End of Year Barbecue, everyone coming together and enjoying the fact that the year is almost over and congratulating those around them for such great accomplishments.” - Ronnie Taksler

 “My involvement with Honors gave me the ability to enroll in more challenging classes and have more of a one on one relationship with professors who knew me and how to help me succeed. I also met some really wonderful people that are goal-oriented and most of whom are also musical!” - Hailey Gibbs

 “The Honors College has provided me with opportunities to grow intellectually in seminar style classes that I would not have been able to access otherwise.” - Becky Miller

 “My favorite Honors event was probably moving into the Honors Living Learning Community freshman year. It made the transition to Salisbury University a lot easier and the friendships I made from that still exist today. It also made me focus on not only doing work and getting involved but really perfecting and striving to set the bar for others.” - Ben Sorteberg

 “Being in the Honors College has allowed me to take courses in topics I otherwise might have never had the opportunity to explore. It has also given me the chance to expand my perspectives through intellectual debates with my peers.” - Sarah Bentivenga

 “My favorite Honors activity was the kayaking trip because we got to really get to know each other. The Honors College has enhanced my experience because we are a tight knit group of people and the outside of school experiences have made my time here very enjoyable. I love having a good support group and being challenged academically.” - Corryn Burlew

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