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BS in Geography: Human Geography Track

Why specialize in Human Geography?

Are you passionate about understanding the world around us?  Are you interested in how countries become richer or poorer?  Or what is behind the headlines of international conflicts?  Are you concerned about quality of life in cities and about sustainable living?  Do you wonder how people differ globally in terms of the work they do, how and where they live, what they eat, how they get around, and how they play?  Human Geography is an exciting new addition to the range of specializations offered in our department.  As a Human Geographer, you will explore the cultural, economic, and political forces that shape and, in turn, are shaped by natural and social landscapes at a range of scales, from the local to the global.

Because of our unique spatial outlook and set of skills – including technical skills like mapping, spatial analysis, and qualitative analyses – human geographers are increasingly in demand in the following fields:

Federal, state, and local government, including:

  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Location Analysts
  • US Census Bureau and other government agencies
  • Environmental Analysts
  • Park Rangers
  • Urban Planners

Non-government Organizations, including:

  • Non-profit environmental organizations
  • Human Rights groups
  • Conservation and land preservation organizations
  • Museum curators, archivists, and historical preservation

Private Sector

  • Mapping and Cartographic firms
  • GIS firms
  • Market Analysts
  • Demographics
  • Engineering firms
  • Real Estate 

Our Alumni

Our alumni are employed at all levels of federal, state, and local government as well as private-sector firms.  The Geography faculty are consistently overwhelmed by the number of companies attempting to hire our graduates, often before they have finished their academic programs!  Many of our alumni take these jobs after completing a course of study at some of the world's most prestigious graduate schools. Some examples of recent employers:

  • Booz Allen and various defense and GIS contractors     
  • US Department of Commerce (Bureau of the Census)
  • Central Intelligence Agency
  • National Geospatial Agency
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • Maryland Department of Planning
  • Richland County (SC) GIS Department
  • Office of Information Technology, Baltimore County, Maryland
  • Department of Comprehensive Planning, Worcester County, Maryland

  Graduate programs that our students have recently entered include:

  • Ryerson University (in Toronto, Canada)
  • University of North Texas
  • University of Tennessee
  • University of Alabama
  • University of South Carolina
  • East Carolina University

What is the Program of Study?

A significant proportion of majors in the Department select human geography as their specialization. Many who specialize in human geography complement their training by also completing the track in geographic information science (see the GIS track).

Coursework Required:

General Education Requirements

Geography Core Requirements

Track Requirements

Required courses:

Complete at least two courses from the following:


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