Film Concentration


Holloway Hall

Courses We Offer on Cinema:

For further information on these courses, please consult the course catalog or contact the film faculty directly. We would be happy to discuss the content of any course that we offer. 

  • ENGL 220:  Introduction to Film

  • ENGL 323:  Major Film Directors

  • ENGL 324:  Film Genre

  • ENGL 402:  Film History

  • ENGL 404:  International Cinema

  • ENGL 406:  Documentary Cinema Studies

  • ENGL 408:  Film Theory


Special Topics Courses

The English Department also offers special-topics courses in film.  These courses change from semester to semester and are not offered in the regular cycle.  Consult the most recent course catalog or the English Department to verify whether or not a course is being offered.

Past Special Topics Courses

ENGL 401 Hearing Cinema.

ENGL 401 Cine Love and Cine Writing.

ENGL 494/CMAT 490:  Film Noir. 

ENGL 401:  Studies in Documentary.  (Now a permanent offering.)




Other Courses:  General Education

The following course is not part of the Film Concentration but may be of interest to our film students.  Generally, it is a non-majors course, as it is the only film-related course currently that fulfills the General Education 1-B requirement for Literature. 

ENGL 221:  Literature and Film. 


Courses Outside the English Department

Students should also be aware that other departments offer courses related to film (or dealing directly with film) on a regular basis.  The Communication Arts Department has a program in audio-visual production, for those of you who would like practical experience, and CMAT also offers courses in media studies more broadly considered.  The Department of History often offers courses that compliment our program, as does, in a different way, the Department of Art's program in New Media. Modern Languages also offers regular courses involving cinema.  We have had students in the past do double-majors, in fact, or some combination of majors and minors.  Consult the course catalog for more information (as well as the course offerings for an upcoming semester), and email individual professors if you have further questions regarding a specific course.